Sunday, 15 June 2008

I hate homework and I'm 44....

Oh, the joys of motherhood! As hubby spends Father's Day cycling through the English countryside on the London to Brighton bike ride ( 60 miles with friends through hill and dale, ending up at the Grand for champagne and munchies ) - I am left to the joys of washing, cooking and, yes, the best, the ultimate - homework.

Now, at times we do reach homework Nirvana. I even captured this moment, some time ago, to keep for posterity. Looking back at the photo now I find it hard to believe that both boys seemed so angelic. But mostly homework involves frustration, anger and lots of stamping about. And that's just me.

We have spellings and maths each week. Spellings for tests on Fiday and Monday. Maths book to be sent in on Fiday. Its not difficult to understand. The routine does not change. And yet each week I spend wasted hours trying to persuade them to do the work sometime before 9pm on a Sunday night or Thursday night. I often institute nice plans that I stick on the fridge with places for stars and treats promised. Let's do homework as soon as its given I warble. Yes, yes, they agree and promptly go outside to play football. And yet again homework is forgotten until the deadline looms.

Son#2, especially, does enjoy throwing a hissy fit. Luckily both boys are bright, but how brilliant would they be, I entreat, if they actually bloody well worked ?? I have spent the week attempting to explain fractions and think of ways to remember that " invisible " is spelled with no " a's " whatsoever. This year I, sorry, we, ( yeah right ) have done projects on rivers and Greek Gods. I have made flash cards for times tables, found websites to teach fractions and have spent hours patiently trying to psychanalyse both boys. Yes, you can do it darling. You are brilliant - this is when you are learning. Anyone can do easy work - this is the time when your brain is expanding, when its difficult. Keep trying, you can only do your best, we will still love you even if you only get 5/10 in your spellings.

All I can do is keep plodding on and thank my lucky stars that they are not yet teenagers. If the tantrums we have now over fractions and French Horn practise are anything to go by then Secondary school homework will be Armageddon...

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