Friday, 20 June 2008

Cars ?? Don't talk to me....

You will not believe the week I've had with my cars... First I was driving my nice one when there was a big bang, a huge cloud of acrid smoke, and I had to briefly interrupt the argument I was having with son#1 to limp into work. I was worried that it was on fire. It wasn't. The turbo bit had gone pop. It was taken away, ignominiously on the back of a truck.

Still, I thought, we luckily have car#2 - a little old banger, but reliable. No. It, too broke down. This time it was the head gasket. I have no idea what that is except for the fact that its bad and expensive.

And then.... yes, there is another thing. Some ignorant yob tried to break into the little old one. He smashed the back window and when he still couldn't get in he tried to wrench the front door open by putting his foot up and pulling the top corner of the door. He still didn't get in, but left his footprint, a dent and the door hanging away from the main body.

I have not been too despairing - after all they are just things. But we can't afford to get the little one fixed so it will have to be scrapped and we have arranged with the manufacturer that they will pay for the part, at least, on the newer car. Material stuff is something that I like, but I don't get too upset when it goes through disasters like this. At least we are all well and safe - that's what counts.

But if I could get my hands on the pathetic creature that destroyed the old car.... well....

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Margot said...

Yep, I agree completely. If I could get my hands on the pathetic creature that broke your old car, .... too.
I hate people doing things like that.

Car-trouble is quite despairing, you are indeed handling it quite well.
Anyway, I hope all other things are okay.