Monday, 28 July 2008

Thank Goodness for cricket.....

Well, that's not something I ever thought I would say... Usually I loathe cricket, which comes only a close third behind snooker and darts in the Sarah League Table of Boring Sports. But today, the start of the Second Week of the Summer Holidays, dawned hot and sunny and twinkling with the promise of peace and quiet. I may be a bad mother...actually, I admit that I am a pretty rubbish mother for a lot of the time... but I have booked the boys into cricket this week.

This provides them with sport, fun and lots of new friends. It provides me with 5 hours of peace and quiet... a respite from niggling and fighting ( and that's just me and m'hubbie ). We all gain from it as they come back happy and I am, in turn, happy to see them.

So I packed them off today and returned home with a skip in my step and the desire to potter round my garden. The garden, amazingly enough, is still looking quite good. I have not yet succumbed to the boredom that usually hits mid-July and results in the Sahara Desert taking over this part of leafy England. I pruned and watered and swept and tidied until I could quite happily sit and read on my patio. I'm afraid I could not stretch to a cold beer as payday does not arrive until tomorrow, but a cool glass of Summer Berry squash sufficed.

I even baked a cake today... Good Grief, what has come over me ??

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2ogie2 said...

i like your garden pictures, they are very nice.