Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Big Brother is watching you....

When I was younger ( not that I'm geriatric now at 44 ) I was pretty easy going, wouldn't go against the rules. I was a good girl. Well, I'm still a good girl, but in my older years I am beginning to become a trifle more militant.

I am speaking up against matters that I feel are unfair, unjust and sometimes just downright wrong. I do wonder whether it is worth raising my head above the parapets or whether I should choose my battles more carefully. Maybe it would be easier, I would have a smoother, easier life if I just nodded and did as I was told. But that, I am afraid ( more and more ) is not me.

We were told today that we were all required to bring in our passports and a utilities bill so that they could be photocopied and sent to a central database. The copies would be held securely in my place of work. The reason for this ? Well, I don't remember being given a reason. Strange though... everyone who works with me has already been CRB ( Criminal Records Bureau ) checked. For that we showed our passports and proof of address in the form of a utilities bill.Why do we need to do it all again ?

The governments record on keeping sensitive data secure is not a good one and I don't see why anyone at my work has any right to hold such information on me. Just think - a lovely big cupboard full of all the info you could wish for as an identity thief - all kept together, in alphabetical order.

Am I a terrorist ? No. Am I likely to be ? No. Am I loyal to my country? Yes. Absolutely. Would holding this info on me stop me from having a breakdown, flying to Pakistan and coming back with a grenade stuffed down my bra ?....... Yes, I know that's a bit melodramatic. Ignore it. But I am a bit annoyed.The people who are truly dangerous to society are the ones who will not put their heads over the parapets. They will quietly remain as beige as possible, planning their theft/attack/atrocity. Did the 2 doctors who drove a blazing car into Glasgow Airport appear anything but normal ? No.

Forcing draconian measures on people will do nothing to stop the baddies. It will just piss the goodies off. Where does it stop ? At what stage do people turn round and say, actually, no, you can't have my details to keep in your cupboard?I am not a bad person. I am loyal and work hard. All I need is a good reason for this, rather than the roll over and die, do as your told without questioning,follow orders, follow orders b.s.

I will not follow orders if the orders are wrong.

p.s. please don't fire me. I need the money...
Having contacted my union I find that this draconian measure is in fact law. I can do nothing about it and could lose my job if I stood against it. So, call me lightweight, but I'm off to find my passport and a bill. Bloody bureaucrats.

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