Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Black boxes and feeling dumb...

Well, firstly the black boxes are a lighter note to my militant blog yesterday. I found them whilst clicking my way through other people's blogs. Quite a fun way of finding other blogs that you might like and maybe other people might find me too !

You will see on my side bar, just a little further down, a black box. Click on it and you can choose between 2 options, then 2 more and so on, until you are paired with another blog that you might enjoy. You can visit, you can add your own choice options, you can add your blog to the list. Have a go, eh ? Its all a bit of fun.

On a darker note, I found myself today feeling a little dumb. I go off on my little rants and think I'm being oh so clever. Then, when I stop to read what I've written, or think about what I've said, I just feel like a numpty. What a stupid, arrogant woman. Am I really brainless ? I mean well... Perhaps that can be my new poll ? How stupid am I ? Stupid, numpty or complete cretin ?

Ah, well, what can you do ? My one excuse is that I am nothing if not honest. I do try my best to be a good person... if a little naive. And if we all just followed the crowd... where would we be ?

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