Saturday, 25 October 2008

HELP!!! I'm bored......Calling all bloggers !!!!

I had such a lovely day yesterday. I got all my work done then had a really nice long chat with my colleague during lunch hour. I spent the afternoon watching rubbish tv and then went to watch my son#1 run for the school in a cross country competition.

How much fun was that ?? To see my baby running like an antelope and coming in at a very respectable position was amazing !! And, I am proud to say that all the teams from school did really well. My throat is sore from shouting!!

And now what am I doing ? Another Saturday afternoon alone and I am bored. Yes, I could go and tidy up the kitchen or hoover the lounge, but I just don't want to. What I need is retail therapy and a couple of nights in a posh hotel with my hubby.... Now that is not going to happen!! Maybe I''ll go and cook something ?? Nope. I don't know. Blah, blah, blah.

What do you do when you're bored and fed up ? And have no money. And are too lazy for words.

Please help me.... give me some advice ( polite please!) some ideas, maybe just send chocolate ??

If you help me I'll love you forever !


Gail said...

Digusted, discouraged, depressed, sick, lazy, and even just plain mean but never bored. I love to read, play on computer, follow blogs, write, mess with my horses, enjoy walking around the farm and that is just play time.
Then there is the work always waiting around the corner. Fences to fix, dishes, laundry, vacumming, mopping, dusting, animals to feed, brush to clear,yard work, etc.
Start a journal, play a game, read blogs, call a friend or go help a neighbor...Don't be bored! Make your day a good one.

Gail said...

Atta girl!!!!!

Kork said...

Oooh...let's see...on those oh-so-rare occasions when things are actually "caught up" and I feel like I can steal an afternoon (or even an hour) I tend to curl up with a good book.

When hubby is home, we just tend to have meaningful conversation about things other than what is on our never-ending to-do list.

When we do have occasion to be away (at the in-laws generally) and the children are napping, I take advantage and do hand-work...embroidery, knitting, crocheting. Recently I started scrapbooking, so I'm always trying to find more than 10 minutes to crop and place pictures.

Hope you found something to entertain you that you don't feel regretful over!

trixie stix said...

Well, when I am not nursing bean (which seems to be all the time - at 3 month's old they just want to eat, sleep and p**p!) I like to . . . knit. Imagine.