Sunday, 26 October 2008

Pancakes, Sunday Roast, Geocaching and shortbread ?? I am no longer bored !!!

Gosh ! What a lovely day !! I took Gail's advice and picked myself up this morning to get m'self full of life again. The boys were really keen to cook today so I watched over them as they made pancakes for breakfast. Yummy ! We had a relaxed morning of jigsaw puzzles and tv and then I made a Sunday Roast of beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower cheese and gravy. My tummy was somewhat full by the end.

Then we put on our walking boots and went out in the rain to Geocache. The walk through the woods was just lovely and we found the cache without too much trouble. I think I get more excited than the boys, hunting in tree hollows and under logs for the magic box full of goodies !

Back home the boys and my Man settled down to watch James and the Giant Peach whilst I made shortbread ( which, I have to say, is rather scrummy ) So, a good day all round. No more boredom, just good healthy enthusiasm and fun ! Let's hope it continues through Half Term week !!

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Kork said...

You should post your recipes for the pudding and your shortbread! I'd love to get some "real" recipes for things we don't generally find in my neck of the woods. :D

Glad you had such a great day with your family, and hope you have many more this fall.