Friday, 31 October 2008

How cool is this ?? और शौल्ड इ से...हाउ कूल इस थिस ??

I was messing about with my blog the other day when I looked up to see that my screen was filled, not with what I thought I had been typing, but with all these amazing squiggles. I had accidentally clicked on the auto translator and my scribblings had been turned into Hindi !!

This has to be one of the cleverest things ever !! I am hoping that whatever the translation says is accurate, as I have no way of telling, but to those of you who wander by and do read Hindi...

वेल्कोमे तो माय ब्लॉग। इ होप ठाट यू एन्जॉय वहत यू रीड एंड इ अल्सो होप ठाट आईटी इस अच्चुरातेली ट्रांस्लातेद फॉर यू। ठनक यू फॉर स्तोप्पिंग बी.

Which means, bascially, I hope... Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by... I hope you enjoy what you are reading.


FarmWife said...

My little brother used to translate his blog into another language then back into English & it always ended up a mess of meaningless drivel...but fun to read!

Gail said...

I love your black box and have found many interesting blogs.
I tried to put my suff in but do not know if it worked or not. I am a computer dummy. I will just use yours until I figure this out.

I am lucky if I can write and read English without throwing in another language.

Sarah said...

I just hope it says what I think it says !!S