Saturday, 18 October 2008

Lonely Saturdays, homework and casinos...

Well, here I am again on a cold Saturday afternoon, alone. My Man has come out of retirement as far as his football career is concerned, so having watched the boys play football all morning I am now left to cope with homework, washing and various other housewifely duties by myself. Don't get me wrong - I am glad he's getting a chance to play, as I know he loves it and he needs to do some exercise other than golf - but I miss him when he's not here and I feel lonely. I have to cope with the boys and their absolute unwillingness to do their homework. Hell, they're lucky. They get to do just their own - I have to sit through both lots and act as psychotherapist to both of them.

So, I am now on a break between doing spellings, sentences and reading with number 2 son ( just finished that ) and am about to move on the number 1 son ( spellings, reading, sentences ) Then we will move onto trumpet practise with #2. God, but its hard work. If they would just do the bloody stuff without moaning it would be finished in 20 minutes, but no, it comes complete with moaning, stamping and general moodiness.

I try hard to be calm and I do not do their homework for them. I gently guide them and and nudge them in the right direction. I try to get them to work as independently as possible.... but it is HARD WORK.

On other matters .... the redundancy package that work is offering to people such as my Man... is crap. It would be ok if you could just walk into another job, but Moron Brown has destroyed the British casino business with his 90% taxation and places are facing ruin. I hate that sanctimonious, thick skinned excuse for a Prime Minister. Only a couple of years ago things looked good for the casino business and then along he came, destroying the hopes and dreams of so many, including us. People pass judgement on this business with absolutely no knowledge of the reality. Casinos are not seedy dives run by crooks. They are multi million pound businesses where you have to be cleaner than clean. Just don't get me started...

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Inkling said...

This isn't related to your post, but I didn't know how else to contact you. I'm Farmwife's cousin, and Silverbelle/Anita's niece.

I just wanted to say that your willingness to be open with that question my Aunt Anita asked on her blog the other day really touched me. It isn't everyone who is willing to step out on a limb and be so authentic and genuine, especially when there is the possibility of someone not agreeing or something. That takes courage and a strong humility that so many people don't have. But you do. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really appreciated what you had to say, and I'm glad that you were willing to share like that. You make me think, and that's a good thing. So thank you. I'd like to think that if we ever met on some English street (not that I'll ever realize that dream of making it across the "pond"), we'd have a lovely time meandering over to a pub, enjoying a glass of wine, and chatting about all things deep and not-so-deep. You seem like someone I'd love to know. Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope it makes sense.