Saturday, 11 October 2008

Am I a patronising old biddy ?

Having written the blog below last night I have been worried about it. And at the same time I have wondered why I am worried. My aim is always to write what is in my mind at the time and last night I was low.... worried about the credit crunch and how it affected me. As I wrote I realised how lucky I was compared to a massive number of people throughout the world. That got me thinking that if I was miserable, in debt and sitting alone at my computer, surfing, I would like to stumble across a friendly word, a note of optimism and encouragement.

So I wrote what I thought. Why should I care about whether others think I am being patronising ? I know I don't mean to be trite or condescending. The thing is, I do care what you think. I worry about annoying people. I worry about hurting feelings. Its odd, isn't it, how one can care about the thoughts of others one doesn't even know.

I think that's a good thing - to worry about other people, to put oneself in their shoes for a moment. I watched a film the other night that was a clip of some McCain supporters. It was made by their opponents so it was always going to have bias, but it showed a group of people who were so angry, so ignorant and so aggressive that they scared me. I would imagine that each one of them would claim to be a good God fearing person, but they were so negative. Its such a shame that we don't always stop to listen and give the other person a chance. They had such a terrible opinion of Barack Obama. They genuinely considered him a terrorist, an evil man.

As I say, the film was made with the intention of showing them in a bad light, but the words that fell from their mouths were dreadful. So ignorant.

It made me feel like such a goody two shoes. And that's what made me think about my blog. Am I a goody two shoes ? Am I naive ? Am I patronising to think that a smile and a kind word can help a stranger ? I would like to think that most people, whatever race or religion, would err on the side of kindness, caring and at least attempting to help other people. Am I wrong ?

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emily said...

I don't know if you're wrong. I hope not. I hope those things too.