Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Art of Living Dangerously...

Living dangerously is not a thing I indulge in. I tend to lead a sedentary life with occasional outings to Tescos if I want some real excitement. I am not one for rushing off into the unknown and, to be honest, if you had told me that I would be blogging away each day 3 years ago I would have looked at you as if you were a loony.

However, blog I do. But I am ever mindful of being careful whilst I blog. It is for that reason that I have removed my profile from my page. I am shortly to be involved in setting up my local school's blog and to write on there I certainly did not want my profile visible to all.

Somehow its different having people from Texas and Malaysia and Dubai looking at my profile - still comfortingly anonymous. But the thought of people I know being able to find my various blogs ( other than my friends who I've told about this whole blogging lark ) is not good. I don't want the Head Teacher of this school to read my innermost thoughts, or little Johnny's mum from down the road. So I decided I would have to put up the barriers. My apologies to any of you regular bloggers who are now barred - its nothing personal.

If I was a carefree, careless adrenaline junkie I would throw caution to the wind. But I'm not. So, profile, goodbye. I think you can find everything you want to about me on here anyway. I just don't want readers of the new blog to find me too. There. Nuf said.


Gail said...

What an honour to get to do the school's blog.
I will be able to find you, won't I?

Inkling said...

I totally understand why you want to do that. Being able to blog is so cathartic and it makes the world seem a little less lonely. But when someone you personally know comes into your diary, as it were, and has access, it just feels wrong. I hated to make my blog private, but had to because a person from my past somehow found me and started emailing me inappropriate things, making me feel violated and making my husband worried about my safety.

I'm just glad you will keep on writing here, and letting those of us "across the pond" keep on hanging out with you.

Oh, and I love, love, love the blog colors and design. It is beautiful, elegant, and fits you.