Monday, 17 November 2008

A weekend at Champneys Springs...lah dih dah !!!

Yes, this weekend, dear reader, I spent most of my time in a fluffy white dressing gown and slippers, wandering around Champneys. To start with I wandered about thinking which energetic classes I could do and then after a few hours I began wondering where I could find chips or chocolate or something even vaguely unhealthy.

It is an odd sight to see a place full of middle aged women drifting about in dressing gowns. It is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but many of the women seemed to be rushing around just as frantically as they would at home ! From aqua mitt to hula hoop to Thalassotherapy to.... well, Goodness knows. I was too exhausted to notice after a while. My sister-in-law and I chatted and read. I went for a swim and a steam and then had a facial. My therapist was lovely, but seemed determined to tell me about her hormone problems. I listened politely and sympathised. She told me how she always used Champneys products, apart from when her skin flared up,which it seems to do rather a lot, and then she uses Clinique. She wrote me a prescription for all the Champneys products I ought to buy and then told me that they weren't cheap " because they're crap " but because Champneys had them made over here and so didn't have to pay import taxes. Mmmm....
My SIL and I drank wine in our room ( no bar in the place aaaaaaggghhhh!!!! ) and went down to dinner, which was delicious !!! The food was really lovely at each meal - just too healthy and carb free for me. They even had dinner plates printed with exactly how much of protein or veg etc you should be eating. This seemed a good idea until we realised ( well, not me, but the other ladies in our group ) that we could go up and fill our plates several times. Of course, I only ate one portion, showing remarkable restraint, but some of the others had rather a lot !!

It wasn't as luxurious as I had imagined and I wouldn't go again. We decided that we would rather go to a lovely hotel with our husbands and be pampered in lovely surroundings. I think that I am not suited for slobbing about in bath robes and being made to eat vegetables and yoghurt. I'm glad that I went, but next time I have a weekend away it will be with my Man and a big bottle of champagne.... I should be so lucky !!


Gail said...

Sounds wonderful! Now how far away is that from Melbourne, Arkansas?

Kork said...

It still sounds nice to me, and I think, somehow, I'd find a way to smuggle in chocolates...they don't search your bags when you arrive do they?!?!?!

I would L-O-V-E to have a massage and facial right now....mmmmm...wonder if I can convince my little ones to crawl and walk on my back???

Glad you had some fun out of it, and hope that a weekend away with your darling will happen sooner than you think!