Thursday, 13 November 2008

More about Haggis...

Yes, the Haggis was delicious. You may not want to click on that last link if you are of faint heart... or squeamish in any way. For, although the Haggis is a dish full of flavour and completely gorgeous to eat, its contents are not those which would fill you with desire or cause the saliva glands to dribble. Probably best to just enjoy without knowing the full extent of the recipe.

I wrapped my Haggis in tin foil, then covered with water and simmered for 45 minutes. Meanwhile I peeled and chopped potatoes and swede and steamed them until soft. The vegetables were then mashed with plenty of butter and black pepper. The Haggis could now be removed from the pan, unwrapped and sliced open. The insides were then scooped out and served with the tatties, swede ( or neeps as the Scottish say ).

All rather lovely... shovelled down with a glass of red wine and Die Hard 4 on the telly.
Personally I would have plumped for Tess of the D'Urbervilles, but my Man was home so Bruce Willis won the day. Again.

Anyway... you ought to try the Haggis... its yummy !!


Gail said...

Haggis may be like hog's head cheese...I know, sounds gross, but it also is delicious.
I also love brisket. Used to call it cow flop, to tease the girls. But that is what it is made from, the floppy part of the cow's chest.
We would not eat half the things we do if we knew how they were made.

Kork said...

hee're right on Gail!

You know what though? If wikipedia is right in what else it is like...I think it's worth a shot at trying!

Maybe next year we'll hit the Highland Fest in Colorado and try some "real" haggis...

My hubby's Scottish ancestors would be proud, and my Irish ones are probably rolling in their graves thinking I've gone mad associating with a brawny Scot!