Thursday, 18 December 2008

How to be the perfect husband...

How to be the perfect man ? To be honest, its not that difficult. Men may think that we women are after muscle packed blokes with a penchant for ironing, but the reality is really quite simple. We look for the little gestures, the kind thoughts. The way to win a girl over is not to come home laden with flowers and chocolates once in a blue moon.

My Man has won me over heart and soul and all because he makes me feel like the most wonderful girl in the world. He spends time helping me. When I get home from work to find the kitchen clean tidy and lunch ready and waiting, with a load of washing in the machine and the dish washer unloaded, I am one happy bunny ! When I was training for the London Marathon last year he ran the house. After a long run I would get home splattered with mud, to find a hot bubble bath waiting and a mug of tea and a digestive biscuit.

Just realising that the loo needs cleaning... and doing it... will put you right up there in the "Man of the Year" stakes. You don't have to be muscle bound, you don't have to be a great lover, you don't have to look like George Clooney. All you have to do is think a bit and have a tendency to make us laugh. A kind word or a tender shoulder rub after a hard day will do wonders !

So, if you are reading this, here's a tip... go and find your partner,( not just today either, but often ) give them a hug, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, give them a hand with whatever they are doing.. or better still ... do it for them. They will love you forever !!


Inkling said...

It sounds like you've got one awesome husband, and those are rare indeed it seems.

I'm grateful for mine who had to do everything he normally does plus my work of cleaning and cooking and laundry for three months this year, and the past week he's stayed up two nights with me due to weird end-of-pregnancy symptoms. The first night he still went to work, and last night he decided to stay home for the day with me. (My back can go out in seconds with spasms suddenly it seems, and we have too much snow for him to be keen on letting me drive the 30 minutes to my docs office for my weekly appointment alone.)

Husbands who know how to have a servant's heart and who are tender and helpful are the best, aren't they? I'm glad you have such a fabulous man.

It's a good thing you stay anonymous, because I bet a bunch of women bloggers would want to know if your husband had a brother. =)

Gail said...

You took the words right out of my mouth!
This is so true. I do not understand people who have catergories of what a man's job is and what a women's job is. I agree with you.
To win my heart,just wash some dishes!