Monday, 29 December 2008

On a cheerful note...

We have done some great Geocaches recently. On Christmas Day the 4 of us left Grandma to relax and went for a lovely walk. We found a genius Geocache under a nearby bridge. The day before yesterday we went for a walk around here and discovered a gorgeous area that appears untouched. I could imagine people in Victorian times wandering along this lane.

We didn't actually find the cache, despite a long time poking about under a holly hedge, but it turns out that its been muggled. What a brilliant term !! Muggles are non-Geocaching folk and if they find a cache accidentally and spoil it they have " muggled " it.

In all the caches is a note describing what the cache is all about and asking people to put it back where they found it. The thrill of hunting and finally finding a cache hidden in a tree hollow or under some roots is fab !!
It makes an ordinary walk with the family or friends into an adventure !! I love it !! We are off this afternoon with one of our neighbours to find a local cache ( we hope ) I shall take some more photos to post.

Tomorrow we are doing a family fun run. All 4 of us, with our brother-in-law and his family are running ( 3k I think ) and then having mince pies and mulled wine at the finish !! I am hoping to start running again more regularly as I am rapidly turning into a whale. Maybe I should just run and not have the mince pies and mulled wine ??!!


FarmWife said...

Oh please, may I come? I love mince pies & have never tried mulled wine but would love to!

I tried to leave a comment for you yesterday, but evil blogger wouldn't let me.

I am so sorry you had such a rough holiday with your mum. I remember you posting about her drinking problems a while ago & it broke my heart to hear she has spoiled another family get together. I am so proud of you & your family for sticking together & toughing it out with her. I doubt I'd have been as gracious.

I am glad the rest of your Christmas season sounds much, much happier!

God bless you & I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!

Gail said...

Looks wonderful. I would love to have an adventure like that. Whoever started that idea is a genius!
I love the road and the family photo. Are you hiding from us? (kidding)
Are these hunts on private property or public land?
Kinda like our scavenger hunts we use to do at parties. Everyone got a list of unusal things to find. The first one to get back to the house with all the items, won.
I can almost taste those pies! Enjoy them now and run it off later.

Bill said...

Geocaching has been around for quite a while and is becoming more popular as people become more familiar with GPS technology and the prices come down.

If you haven't tried it you should. As our unknown housewife tells us it is a great way to get out with your friends and family.

Your pictures are absolutely awesome. What do you use to take them?

Sarah said...

Hi Bill - you are right about Geocaching - its great! And I use a Sony Cybershot for the photos - thanks !! Glad you like them.S