Sunday, 7 December 2008

Secret housewife loves to jive ( but isn't very good at it !! )

I have to report that the Jive Night was brilliant !! A live band played and we were given a Master Class on how to jive. We kept having to change partners, with all the ladies moving on one, as we learned each move. Then we all danced to a whole tune. My final partner was dressed in a long Rock n Roll jacket, with an Elvis wig on, but " Man could he jive ! "

After we had learned the basics the rest of the night was spent jive , jive , jiving with my Man. I cannot remember the last time we:

  • Danced together
  • Danced so much
  • Laughed so much

Absolutely fantabulous !!! I think we were probably the most embarrassing parents on the planet, but we soooooo did not care !! It was as if we were the only ones on the dance floor ( which was not the case, it was packed ) and we had the best time. What's more, my Man enjoyed it as much as I did. We even did a jive for our neighbours last night when they came to dinner. I do find the twirly whirly turns a bit tricky, but, WHAT FUN !!!

I shall now be jiving badly at every opportunity. So , if you see a small blonde woman, in the home counties, jiving down the street... it will be me...

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Gail said...

Ahhh, the magic of music! Sounds like you had a terrific time! I wanted pictures of you!
Glad you had fun.