Friday, 2 January 2009

2 Geocaches in one day ??

Wow !! We are on a roll... Actually, we are very amateur. Some people do loads of geocaches in one day. Ours were few, but happy. I am discovering all sorts of beautiful places in our area that I didn't know existed before we geocached.

The boys are beginning to really enjoy the hunt and even my Man is getting very good at it. Well, I say even my Man as if he wouldn't be good... he's always good at everything though.

You start to look at the countryside in a new way... where would I hide a cache ? And I have been down the path past these trees a dozen times and never noticed them... aren't they amazing ?Sooo gnarly !! I wonder how old they are.

Older than me I reckon... I nearly said to the lady in Tescos today that I was feeling old... well, not old, but a bit hot from shopping. I stopped myself because I hate people who go on about their age, but it did occur to me that I am now what could be called middle-aged. Even as I write that I don't believe it !! Middle aged ?? Me ?? Surely not !! I keep thinking that I should be aiming to be a bit more elegant and grown up now that I am 44, but I don't think you can really do that. You are what you are, hey ?

I read on the lovely Annie's blog about all that she has achieved this year ( you rock, girl !!!! ) and about what she hopes for this year.It boils down to : make every day count. How brilliant is that ? How true ? Whoever we are, however old or young we are, however clever, however slim or fat, fit or unfit.... we all need to make every day count. That is my aim this year. So thank you Annie and thank you to all you lovely people who read my blog. You make me think and make me consider my life each day with your writings.

I am going to carry on blogging and geocaching and running and anything else that takes my fancy. And I am going to try to enjoy myself, try not to moan or worry too much, try to love my friends and family.... and try not to go on too much.... so on that note..... tata for now !!!


Balou said...

What great places you found. Those trees are so wonderful. I've talked about checking out our local geocaches but need to do that this year. Maybe I'll place one on our property.

And you are so right about making every day count. Have a great new year fellow 44 year old!

Gail said...

Your words are incouraging. The trees are absolutely amazing. What kind are they?