Monday, 12 January 2009

Art is Life and Life is Art... so let's paint!

I have always enjoyed drawing and a few years ago I was quite into watercolours. I won't say I was any good because for that I think you have to be born dedicated and inspired. I am not either of those things... I am more of an opportunistic artist. Given the chance, and inclination, I draw, or paint.

I am not consumed with a need to be artistic and that is what you need to be truly talented, I think.But lately I have come across some fascinating blogs, written by women who are inspired and talented.A couple of these that I will mention here are Jen Lemen and Kelly Rae Roberts. I love their art and their attitude. I have also been drawn to some gorgeous sites through Balou's blog. Did you know about guerrilla art ? Did you know there are women out there who knit amazing multi coloured bands and then tie them round lamp posts or other street furniture as a form of guerrilla street art ? Or the artists who paint, draw or write beautiful cards with inspiring messages and then leave them to be found, maybe inside a book at the library, maybe tied to a hedge or propped on a wall ? Something lovely to make a stranger's day special.

I love all these ideas and I think that this year I want to try and do something arty myself. It might fail, it might not be very good, but I would like to look back and think that I attempted to create something beautiful this year. I think perhaps that it is more than "being arty". It is about a lifestyle, an attitude of mind, a purpose in life. I am still considering what to do, but this afternoon, in a spare 20 minutes, I dusted off my water colours and had a dabble.

Its a start!!

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Gail said...

Gotta enjoy life!
Remember my post on word verification? Your word now is radabodi...a measure that you look rad! That's good, by the way.