Monday, 19 January 2009

Guerilla Knitting!!! A challenge full of joy !!!

Okey, dokey.... now, I know that some of you out there are knitters. And some of you out there are MAJOR KNITTERS. I wonder if you have heard of Guerilla Knitting ?

I have had my eyes opened to it at Grrl+Dog
where Grrl is currently setting a challenge.She wants all you knitters out there to create a piece of Geurilla Knit Art, place it and photo it... then post it.All by February 23rd please.

She gives full instructions on her blog, which I totally recommend reading.But if you look at these photos ( courtesy of Grrl+dog ) you will get the idea.

You knit a gorgeous piece, choose a place to attach it, attach it, and run..... You can add a little label so people know that it is art, and it will brighten up a dull lamp post. It won't damage anything or anyone and it will put a smile on someone's lips when they see it.

What a beautiful way to bring art to people's lives. I am not a knitter, but I am going to learn and I am going to place knitty bits all over where I live. I keep seeing branches and lamp posts that are crying out for a bit of colour and gorgeousness! If you do happen to make one and take up Grrl's challenge, please can you let me know so I can come and have a look at the photo on your blog ?? Thanks. And Good Luck !!


Gail said...

What a glorius idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey grrl,

thanks for popping by the blog, I am so gald you like the idea. Itris blazing hot and I am knitting!

We have a few non knitters, so dont be put off by that..

emily said...

Such a cute idea.