Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Day to remembe:.President Obama is here.

This is a day to remember for people all over the world. We sat as a family and watched President Obama's inauguration - a moment in history. A moment when, as the President said, Hope began to triumph over Fear. He seems, at this early stage, to be a remarkable man - a man with a Destiny. I hope that he can achieve what the world wants and needs him to achieve. I hope he stays safe.


Gail said...

If Obama gives us nothing else, he has given up hope. To make the American Dream seem a possibility again, is a great accomplishment.
This is just the beginning. One man cannot bring American out of this just like one man did not put us here.
May Obama's guidience begin the healing.

Josh said...


Anonymous said...

uh huh..

Even here we were all tuned in to it. SOmeone printed outhis speech and I had tears in my eyes.