Saturday, 24 January 2009

Warning!! Crazy mother is back and angry.

Ok. Bear with me. This is my place to sound off. Right now I cannot stand being a mother. I have let my boys stay up late, having spent the day cooking, cleaning and generally trying to make their lives nice. As they come up to bed all I ask is for them to clean their teeth and get into bed so I can read them a story.

But, no. That is too much to ask. They faff about and I ask several times for them to get into bed. I am starting to get cross and I say that they need to see the warning signs because I am getting cross and if they don't do as they are told I will shout and get angry.

So they just ignore me, over and over again, despite the warnings. And then I blow. I have had enough and I am at the point when I want them in bed. I want them away from me. So now I have a house of crying children who hate me. Apparently I am a horrible mother.

Actually, I am a mother who has given up everything I had to look after them. A good job.My figure. My social life. I stay in every night, alone, in the prime of my life, because I have 2 children and no babysitter. I am sick and tired of them tonight and I wish I was anywhere but here with them. I am so angry I could scream and scream. Sometimes I hate motherhood with a passion. I hate being stuck here by myself. I hate spending my whole life putting them first, and them just treating me like a big pile of nothing.

There. At least this has taken me away from them for 5 minutes to try and calm down.

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Gail said...

This is normal. Do you really think all those perfect little mothers are perfect all the time? You are teaching your children the world does not revolve around them. It is a lesson some never learn.
Take a deep breath, scream into a towel, punch a pillow but remember you are human and this reaction is normal.
You are okay!