Monday, 23 February 2009

Film of Crazy frog in the English countryside..... aaaaagh!!!

I have spent a relaxing weekend, indulging in a spot of gardening and the cooking of roast lamb. My vast estate is in dire need of a touch of love and attention, it has to be said. I shall take photos of its condition as the year progresses, but at the moment it looks hideous in its winter garb.

Just to show that I am not a completely useless gardener I am posting a photo or 2 of my garden when it was last looking lovely in the summer months. How sad that it can now look so desolate.

Life, however, is in abundance just below the surface. As I was weeding on Sunday I nearly jumped out of my skin when a frog leaped out at me. My garden seems to be a popular haunt of these hoppy creatures, and my can they hop!!! Having quelled my beating heart ( what would I do if I lived in bear country ???) I took a little film of my visitor. It won't win an Oscar, but its short so why not have a look?

See? What a thrilling life I lead? Aren't you glad you popped by??


Gail said...

First, I have to say my word verification was "savorr" as in "to savorr the beauty of your garden".

Toads are ugly but they are very useful. They eat bugs!

Dad used to have us catch them and put them in the garden.

Did you trying kissing it, just in case...?

Anonymous said...

Life in the garden can be thrilling. It's the small things that make us happy.

It's never too late to be sa guerilla, I will be shaking my pom poms for you anytime you want to give it a go!

Sue Jacquette said...

Beautiful! Maybe you can inspire me. One of my resolutions was to fix up my gardens.

MauritaMason said...

My oldest son once put a toad in my very old basement, where he ate all the bugs and appeared to be happy. He grew to be very large and very old, and he never had to suffer through Indiana winters.

MauritaMason said...

P.S. I love your garden space!

Sarah said...

Hi Gail! No i DIDN'T KISS IT!!

Grrl...I will be a guerilla!!!

Sue... I'm glad you like it.Is the frog or the garden beautiful? Neither at the moment I'm afraid!!

Hi MauritaMason... Glad to have you pop by again!! I just wish my frog or toad would eat more of my slugs!! And thanks... glad you like my vast estate!!

Sarah xx

louise said...

I've found a frog in a bag of compost, under a pot, and even in the back seat of my car, after a trip to the rubbish tip! The other day I photographed one sitting in a pot of bulbs. Despite this they are great to have around the garden. x