Friday, 20 February 2009

Learning to cook... now I can retire!!

pear flan

work in progress

whole lot of squeezing

and cutting..

and ingredients...

We haven't done a great deal this holiday. My Man has not been around... either sleeping because of working nights, or trying to sort out his father with social services etc.What we have done, however, is a lot of cooking. I always find cooking therapeutic...well, not the everyday grind of cooking, but finding new recipes and cooking for people.

My boys have been the ones to cook this week. They chose what they wanted to make, came to buy the ingredients and made their dishes. Son #1 made pear flan, while son #2 made lemon chicken and then lemon cheesecake.They did all the cutting, chopping, mixing, putting in the oven and so on all by themselves and they did a good job. It was lovely to see them working away in the kitchen, determined to give us a delicious meal.

So, although we may not have gone to museums or visited amazing places, we have eaten well and I have enjoyed seeing the pride in their faces as we ate their food.


Gail said...

What a wonderful memory you have made with the boys. Now when they grow up, they will not be afraid of cooking.

Sue Jacquette said...

Sarah, I've been doing this with my daughter, too. I let her cook sometimes and she comes with me to the market, picks what she wants to try to make and we go around getting the ingredients and she cooks for us. My husband always makes sure she knows how much she loves her cooking, too. It's really sweet to see the pride in her eyes. Hey, thanks for your kind words, too! Have a great weekend.

Kork said...

How fantastic! I am longing, with bittersweetness, for the days that my own little ones are truly big enough for their contributions to be greater than that which they require.

I have such wonderful memories of being "big enough" to finally help do more than put the napkins and flatware on the table at mealtimes, or to help put said flatware in the dishwasher.

My 3 brothers and I were all taught to read recipes, properly and safely prepare food, and clean, along with doing laundry, ironing, making a bed, and changing oil and tires on the cars.

How great is it that you're not only creating wonderful memories of time together that are fun, but you're secretly teaching them to be independent!

I'm hoping the rest of the holiday is restful in as many ways as possible for you and your men!

Sarah said...

No fear of cooking in this house, Gail !!

Hi Sue.Isn't it great - what memories are made of ?

Hi Kork!! I always said that my job as a mum would be done when they could bring me a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich in bed!!! And yes, independence is the goal - no boys living on pot noodles! S

louise said...

Who got to do all the washing up? x

The W.O.W. factor said...

Came via Gail...Oh that Pear Flan looks scrumptious!
And congrats on the marathon!!