Saturday, 7 March 2009

Big fat wallowy hippo of misery...

Its one of those weekends... You know the ones where you just feel annoyed and fed up? I have spent all morning at my boys football. They lost, but it was ok. Then my husband has gone off to football too, taking #1 son. So I am babysitting #2 son. Then the phone goes. #1 son has locked the keys in the car... half an hour away... and been hit in the face by a football. I get in the car with #2 son.... drive to where they are.#1 is curled up in a ball wrapped in my husbands clothes.

I am nice and caring, giving pain killers and love. Let's go home, I suggest. At which #1 son howls and cries and I am the worst mother in the world for even suggesting such a thing. He wants to stay with dad.

So now I am cross. Not a word of thank you for driving there and back. So I shout and leave to drive home... having made sure that he is warm and ok of course. And tomorrow I will spend the morning making sure the boys are quiet so my Man can sleep and then he will wake up and go to baseball. The whole afternoon. Yes, I could go and watch. But it is in the middle of a freezing field... not sunny California. England.

So I will babysit again. My weekend consists of babysitting, taxiing,cooking and doing absolutely nothing interesting. I am bored out of my skull and sorry for myself. Yes, I could garden, write, paint, cook, watch tv, play the wii, read, do crosswords.... but I am in a mood and wallowing in my misery. Like a big fat hippo.I want to go and sit on a beach with a big marguerita and a plate of calamari and lemon wedges. I want to swim in a sparkling sea and watch the salt dry on my nut brown skin in crazed glittering patterns.

But I am here.


Balou said...

I'll meet you at the beach!

Sorry it's a bummer of a day.

Gail said...

We all have crap-filled days.

The sun will come out and the moon will rise. Life goes on even when you are miserable...I speak from the hippo's pool.

The female of the Clan
Human is the most over-worked, under appreciated member of the clan.

We have a saying in the South, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Hang in there! The tide will turn.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to want to hear this, but a friend of mine was having a bad day yesterday so I read her your blog post. She immediately felt better as she is a foreign diplomat & is just about to go & visit a friend in Australia then go to Bali.

She will be sipping margeritas & eating calimari with a wedge of lemon & will be watching the sea salt dry on her nut-brown body. She also is single & would really love to be married with children; she has the lifestyle but you have love.

Sarah said...

Thank you chaps!!The hippo has waddled off and I am back to Tigger today.Still, if your friend wants a swap for a bit Urban Cynic... I'm up for it! S