Monday, 30 March 2009

Secret Housewife goes all Plinky...

Right now I should be preparing my work for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I am, however,sitting here playing on the computer. I hasten to add that I am not doing anything as shallow as "gaming" - oh no. My weakness is writing and reading other people's blogs.

At the moment I am basking in the glory that is Plinky - although I am not sure that anything called Plinky can really bask in anything, never mind glory... Still, I had noticed the Plinky logo and wasn't sure what it was. I had a little trip over there, just by Googling the name and have stayed to enjoy.

On my blog I always write about whatever interests me at the time, but Plinky is another type of outlet.It gives you prompts, titles for you to write about if you can't think of anything for yourself.I have to admit that as a sufferer of complete verbal diarrhoea I don't have a problem with finding things to write about...its stopping myself from droning on that usually I find difficult! But for a bit of fun and creative writing Plinky is great!

So far I have rambled on about zombies, my demands and the food I could live on for a year. I am not taking the whole thing very seriously. You have to give your thoughts in 200 words or less and it can be streamed automatically onto Twitter or even your blog.

So, yet another distraction for me. I suppose its better to sit here typing than to go and eat my bodyweight in cake - so I could say that it is an aid to fitness and a healthy life.... couldn't I??

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Gail said...

If you love that, you should try six is amazing.