Sunday, 3 May 2009

Facebook and old friends.

I have just been trawling through Facebook and looking for old friends. I joined a group full of old casino workers and its amazing how many people I know.There were some really old faces, well not old in the sense of wrinkly and decrepit....just old as in I knew them a long time ago!!

I have sent friend requests to several and its been lovely having their replies filtering through. So far they all seem to be pleased to hear from me. Although this could be a cunning bluff!!We all trained and worked together over 20 years ago and its interesting to see what we are doing now, how we've grown up and changed.

I don't expect to meet up with them or become bosom buddies, as I am generally a miserable old mysogenist ( or however you spell that word!!)But it is lovely to see them all looking so well and happy.And, of course, I am actually rather nosy and want to know all the gossip!!

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