Saturday, 2 May 2009

The worm that turned...

Being the eldest of 4 children I had come to expect and receive both respect and, dare I say it, abject servitude from my siblings by the age of 10.If I required a drink or, let's say, said siblings to play horsey showjumping games in our garden, around the magnificent course that I had set up using bamboo poles, brooms and various bikes....I expected them to do exactly as I asked. Well... when I say asked I actually mean....demanded.

So, it was with horror that my reign of terror came to an end. Horror for me that one of these siblings dared to refuse my wishes. In doing so he became my Arch Enemy.He had the gall, at the age of 8, to refuse, point blank, to ride an imaginary horse in my show jumping game.He insisted that he would be riding a.... cow. And from that moment onwards I knew that he was trouble.

No matter how hard I tried, how darkly I threatened, he would not do as I told him.He had suddenly realised that I was weak and powerless to command him.He grew in stature and, to my amazement, he took my brother and sister with him. A rebellion on all fronts. No longer could I be the only one to ride the imaginary black stallion....they all had their own, of different hues and temperaments, but always better than mine.

He left me broken and confused... my reign of terror spell disarmed....the swine. Nemesis. My Arch Enemy. The worm that turned...

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