Friday, 5 June 2009

Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre.

We did lots of things in Half Term break, and I shall endeavour to write about them over the next few days, as the weather has closed in and the British Summer appears to be over for this year...

Last Sunday we went to the Globe Theatre to see Romeo and Juliet. I had never been there before and I have to recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to visit. The day was glorious, sunny and warm and we began by taking a stroll along the South Bank of the Thames. There was music playing and the boys played on the beach that appears at low tide.

Then we ate at the Pizza Express next door to the Globe. And you could not have asked for a better view. From my seat I gazed out across the Thames to St Pauls Cathedral - absolutely beautiful. We ate well and drank chilled Chardonnay before strolling next door for the play.

How marvelous to sit in a theatre, open to the summer air, as audiences did 400 years ago. There were no microphones, no light shows - just great acting and atmosphere. We all enjoyed the play thoroughly, even the children and as we toddled back to the car the sun set behind St Pauls.


Gail said...

I dream of having such an experience.

Kerrie said...

That looks amazing. I must put it on the bucket list. I would like to see Macbeth though. Shakespear really new how to do dark and brooding.