Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Southern Softies at Oasis Wembley Gig....

After my last post, which was a bit full of doom and gloom, I shall try to be a tad more cheerful today! Although the axe of the Redundancy Reaper still hangs over my husband's head, he does at least get to enjoy the fruits of his business occasionally and we are able to share with him.

His firm( the one he works for!!) has a box at Wembley and on Sunday we were able to have tickets to watch Oasis. I am not sure that Liam Gallagher and the others would have approved of us as we supped on free drinks and baked peaches with mascarpone cream as we watched them..... but, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!!!

It was a good concert which we all enjoyed, boys as well!! I seem to have earned some Brownie points as a "cool mum" taking them to Wembley to see this gig. I don't know about that, but I do know we had a fab time!!! Yippeee for freebies!!

I am very glad not to have been down on the pitch standing as there were lots of people "moshing". I am not really up on this but it seemed to involve lots of half naked blokes trying to kill each other. Call me old fashioned, but I think I am more suited to the delights of seats rather than being up close to the stage and charging other people like a maddened bull. Ah well.

Thank you for all your supportive comments regarding my sister, by the way. I will keep you posted.


Gail said...

How wonderful to have such an opportunity,

Kerrie said...

Glad you had all had a great time. I love She's Electric myslef.
I am sure no one would ever dissaprove of troffing anything thats free.

Sarah said...

Mmmm.... we do get lucky sometimes! Sarah

Elise said...

Hi Sarah,

Loved this post ! Lucky you.

I also have a question. I recall you said that you used to sketch ballet dancers. I wondered how you felt about letting me use one on my website ? I will give you a full credit of course.

I've got a new series coming up and I need an intro shot which I really want to be a drawing this time (but honestly, you should see my stick people !). The series is about moving from being a student to joining a professional ballet company, so it could be anything that suggests the transition between the two.

I know you have tons on right now - so please don't feel obliged, but maybe you'd let me know ? Thank you !