Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Am I mad to blog?

I think I must be weird... I mean... none of my friends or family blog. They look at me when I tell them about it as though I am insane. The world out there is full of nutters who mess about with their computers, form friendships across the ether... and I am one of them. I sit for ages reading other people's blogs. I worry about virtual friends who are feeling depressed or worried. But if I mention to a real person in my real world " Oh, my friend in Timbuktu said... " they look at me as if I should shortly be taken away by the men in white coats...

Why do most people in my world think like this?? Am I really nuts? I don't think I am... To me the world of blogging is a brilliant place. I meet people from all walks of life - farmers, housewives,artists, models,grandparents, - people from Africa, America, Australia, New Zealand... and the one thing that binds us all together is our computer.

Does this make us crazy?Does opening your heart to a world of strangers make you odd? Maybe it does in a way... Maybe most people don't want to let the world know their worries, their joys. But to me its reassuring to know that I can post and either people will ignore me, or they will come and open their heart to me. I have had so much support from people I will never meet, never know face to face.

Does it matter that I will never meet you? No. Does it matter that our lives are so different? No. The fact that you come here and read my blog, read about my mundane life is reassuring. To me the world of blog reassures me that I am not mad, not a nutter. Other people out there go through the same worries, the same insecurities. It doesn't matter whether you are a farmer in Idaho or an executive in California, a housewife in Hampshire or a mechanic in Johannesburg - people feel the same all over the world.

My friends here in the real world may think I am mad to blog, but I am happy I met you...


Mr London Street said...

I think blogging is splendid, I really wouldn't worry about the feedback from people who don't understand. I bet many of them are on Facebook which is a far more transitory way to exchange ideas.

Gail said...

I would like to point out that your blog and your life has never appeared mundane to me!

I delight in all my friends and all the knowledge I gain from them.

My sister says we are drawn together for a reason. We may not know what that reason is, but are drawn, nonetheless.

We need not wonder if we are thought crazy. I read somewhere what other people think of us is none of our business. It is not important.

We are here to be ourselves and maybe to help others be themselves. I know you have given me strength many times when without the computer contact, I would have been lost.

As to those who do not understand, our knowlege and enjoyment is their loss!

Liam said...

Being crazy is not so bad. I'm a little nuts myself.

Sarah said...

Hello Mr London Street - yes, Facebook is rather dull and lacks imagination don't you think? Blogging is splendid!

Thank you, Gail! I delight in you too and I am glad you don't think my life is mundane - even if I think it is ( well, maybe just sometimes!)

Hi Liam! Welcome - I will have to come and read your blog and see for myself if you are nuts! S

Mr London Street said...

FB is okay for what it is. It's not really about writing, or about meeting new people or exchanging ideas.

But if all you're interested in is (a) seeing your cousin's holiday snaps (b) finding out whether the person who bullied you at school is in prison yet or (c) discovering that your ex did a quiz What kind of fascist dictator are you? (the answer being Franco) it will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that we all blog together! I love being able to vent and cheer and be nutso crazy and read about others lives and histories and days ahead. If you're crazy we're all crazy! And I'm okay with that, aren't you? =)
Here's to all our friends in the "nut hut!" Cheers! =)

Sarah said...

Ho hum... if we are all crazy then I am glad to be so.S

Karen said...

I LOVE your blog. I think if we lived closer we'd be popping over to each other's for tea and have a good natter! Blogs are strange, I don't always feel I can be as open and honest as I'd like for fear that some unuspecting member of my family will read it and take offence - or (shock horror) learn about the REAL me, my deepest thoughts & feelings. Please keep it up!

Sarah said...

I suppose that's the good thing about none of my family being interested! They don't know what I write...but I am quite diplomatic I would say...just in case!S

Elise said...

Well... first of all I must agree with Gail that your life does not appear in the least bit mundane !

I thinkthe thing is that not everyone can write - so blogging is not an interesting option or an attainable one for them.

I do agree that through the blogosphere you can meet the most amazing people who you might never have otherwise known about. I have followers from Cornwall to Hawaii and I'm not alone I'm sure.

The whole arguement about Facebook just passes me by. As far as I can see, people who have no friends in life aren't going to be attracted to Facebook because it's a social place, so it's not encouraging people to live virtual lives in that sense. I think Facebook works for those who like text speak and are permenantly in a rush - neither of which make good blogs.

You do need to take a lot of time with blogging - both in your own work and also reading others - because there are millions of diverse subjects covered.

So no, you're not crazy. You are a creative person who writes (and draws) very well and who has found an outlet for that.

It's possibly also a generational thing - my family couldn't be less interested in Facebook or blogging and so I don't waste my time telling them about it. It's a shame - and I might try to show them what it's all about rather than just talk about it next time I see them. But if they don't see the point, it certainly doesn't mean I'm crazy !

And I hope we will meet - as others have said you sometimes feel that if you could just pop in for tea with some bloggers then you'd be friends - we have the Opera House backstage tour to arrange in October !

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I have often asked myself the same question. Being quite time poor I wonder why I devote so much time and energy into reading and writing Blogs. I have only recently started Blogging but spent several years reading and lurking on others. I do think you meet the most amazing, creative people and also Blogging helps you to appreciate the richness in the everyday moments of life. I have really been enjoying Blogging but my friends probably think I'm a sad old sack who needs to get out more! xx

Layla said...

What a lovely post!

I also think that interesting people are just sprinkled throughout the world and then when we connect online through various interests or whimsical ways of fortune, it's just magic!

So, I'm really glad I stumbled across your blog today! :)