Sunday, 23 August 2009

A masked ball meme from Juli...

I was over at Juli's blog Wellington Road today and she very kindly invited me to take part in a meme she was doing.You have to choose your first photo file, open it and choose your 10th photo and then write about it...Then you pass it on to 5 or more blogging friends... sooo....

This portly lady clutching her tummy is me. The man next to me is my husband. We were heading off to a masked ball a couple of years ago, to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. This was the stage of the evening where we were looking our best, before the make up had run and the bustier slipped. I was nervous about going as I don't usually get a chance to dress up in my glad rags and I wasn't sure if I would be overdressed.

It turns out that the outfit was perfect for the occasion, although I did have to keep slipping off to the loo to pull the bustier up a bit and stop a hideous incident of premature boob revelation! The whole outfit in fact was way too small for my ample figure and was only held on by a complicated network of safety pins and tape!

To any of you contemplating an outing to a masked ball I can only give this advice ... beware that you will get dead sweaty underneath that mask. You may start the ball with immaculate hair and make up, but after a couple of hours dancing and drinking the hair will develop a definite "hat head" appearance and any make up will have slid so far off your "glowing" face as to defeat the object of wearing any in the first place.

I recommend that you just slather on a good helping of lip gloss and forget about foundation or any other such nonsense. Either that or be prepared with a complete repair kit and retire to the loos to refill, repaint and repowder before you are seen dead without your mask. Any semblance of mystery or glamour disappears when you remove the mask to reveal the face of someone who looks as though they have just run 10k in the height of summer.

Still, we had a damn good night. Thanks to Juli for including me in this meme. Now... I pass the baton on to you if you are reading this and fancy having a go. In particular... I am going to ask the following people if they fancy it... please don't feel you have to, but you never know... it might be fun!!

Gail at the Farm - what's in your photo files??

Urban Cynic ... I bet you have some good stories??

Kerrie ... what do you reckon ??

Kork ... I bet you have some lovely photos??

Woman in the midst: raw ... what do you think??

Let me know and I'll come and visit!!


Gail said...

How beautiful! Portly is the last word I would have chosen!

Kerrie said...

I am loving the feathers and the sequins ,a girl after my own heart.
Thanks for asking, this looks like fun. Next time I blog...tenth photo coming up.

Juli Ryan said...

I love your dress! And your advice about wearing masks. Priceless! Thanks for your story.