Sunday, 13 September 2009


You just don't know how long I have been waiting to get on and write on my blog... I won't bore you with the frustration and sheer rage that has wracked my body over the last 2 days, but heaven help me, I would rather stick pins in my eyes than have to cope with the change of internet provider and e-mail accounts that we have gone through...

Did I mention that VIRGIN MEDIA... yes, I said VIRGIN MEDIA..... are rubbish?? Did I mention that they cut off my e-mail account with no notice and told me that I could not access my e-mails ever again unless I signed up with them again ??? Well, VIRGIN MEDIA...I can tell you that I would rather sign up to have my body dragged over a combination of hot coals and sulphuric acid than have anything to do with you ever again.

So, we moved to Sky. With Sky they actually have human beings at the end of a phone line with whom you can hold an intelligent conversation.There have been teething problems with Sky, but at least they are there to hold your hand metaphorically, when you are losing the will to live.

So... its 11pm and I was full of great ideas of stuff to write.But I am afraid that it will have to wait. I am exhausted from the challenges of the weekend.I fear that I may have to join Computer Users Anonymous as I clearly have a dependency on my computer which is verging on the dangerous.Without my blog, my Facebook and my e-mail I am close to melt down...

Luckily they would appear to have returned so now I can relax.I am heading off to bed in the hope that I will no longer dream of ethernet connections and Virgin Media representatives with horns and pitch forks. Good night y'all... xxx

ps I missed you.


Gail said...

Will you have a different email?

I love the yard shot, it looks so relaxing and inviting. The perfect place to be when you are ready to commit computer homicide.

Kerrie said...

I take it you have taken Richard Branson off your christmas card list.