Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fat Bird..... continued.

 Ooooooooh..... I ache... I ache... I ache. Having moaned on about being a bit of a fatty and about not doing any exercise I have seized the proverbial bull by the horns and this week have run twice and today spent 2 hours playing in a 5 a side football tournament.

I thank you for your generous applause.... well... maybe not.But its a start fellas, isn't it?? If there was any justice in life I would now be a size zero with buns of steel, but methinks there is a tad more work to be done on that front!!In fact there is rather a lot more to do... but it will be done.Being the shallow person that I am, I am not prepared to stay this downright pudgy.

In my head I am an Amazonian- like fit bird who can play any sport, looks gorgeous and runs like the wind.Unfortunately there has been some sort of malfunction, as the woman in my head bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the sad old bird I see in the mirror!!

I went along to the Clinique counter this week and was waylaid by the new Liz Earle counter that has sprung up. The consultant was very helpful and I was about to comment on her flawless skin, glowing countenance and generally fabulous look - about to ask her what products she actually uses... And then, in a millisecond it dawned on me.The reason that she looked so beautiful, so naturally lovely was not down to any skin care product that I could buy.She looked that way because she was bloody 20 years younger than me... Oh, groan..... groan.... groan.....

Still, we all have to age and at least if I stay away from mirrors I can keep believing the whole Amazon thing.I wanted to thank all of you for your kind comments this week.You have ranged between telling me that I was lovely and NOT FAT..... to telling me to get off my big back side and do something about it if I didn't like being a whale.My favourite suggestion was that from Roberta Fleck. If you want to know what it was then I am afraid that you will have to go and look in my previous post's comments.... but suffice to say Mr Secret Housewife will be looking chirpy as the weeks go on if I follow said advice...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more; you could actually be the incentive I need to do the same. I'm 38 in 5 weeks & haven't lost any of the weight I started to put on 3 years ago. I'm not going into my 40's overweight so I need to do something about it too.

I have even more incentive as I don't even have a boyfriend so need to slim down in order to lure one in - once he's snared, only then can I let myself go!

I'm not actually huge, but if I don't put a stop to the slow slide now then it'll be game over. Winter is coming too, so if we can slim down when everyone else is putting it on then we're quids in my friend.

So I want to hear all about your progress in order to spur me on to doing the same. x

Sarah said...

ok hun - its a deal!! S

Gail said...

Oh, Sarah, I am sorry. I reread my comment and it was rough. That was not the normal me posting, it was the fat me talking to myself.

You are a remarkable woman in every thing you do. Please accept my apology and I hope you have not taken me off your list.

Roberta's idea was the best.

Forgive me?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you! You HAVE grabbed the bull by the horns! I'm too busy eating the bull to do that right now... Ugh... I just don't wanna' but I'm thinking maybe if I keep reading your blog I will be inspired to put down the side of beef and get up and do something other than make another trip to the fridge! If that doesn't happen I promise to be your biggest - and I do mean biggest - cheerleader!! Rah, rah! =)