Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lenny Henry in Othello and a day in London

So.... how long have I been away? Life is just sooooooo busy!! Busy in a good way though.On Saturday I had just the best day.I got on the train and went into London by myself.I went to the National Portrait Gallery first and wandered about there. Then I went for lunch at the National Gallery Cafe.I ordered a caesar salad and a glass of chardonnay. Well, trust me on this... don't bother going there for lunch.The most appalling caesar salad ever - a few lettuce stalks with some crumbled cheese, 2 anchovies draped over the top and 3 toasted slices of baguette to serve as croutons- eeeeyuch!

Still, the waitress was lovely when I complained and they didn't charge me for it.I also met the most lovely Irish gentleman who was also eating alone. He had ordered a game terrine, which came on a plank of wood.Artistic , yes. Hygienic? I don't think so. And neither did he. We struck up a conversation and he was lovely. He had a complimentary ticket for The Sacred made Real 

Blimey I hate these new link things.... they are hard to work.... and I can't get photos on with this new system....

But anyway.... we got chatting and he was very sweet.As I left he told me that he would always associate caesar salads with me!!! Anyway, again, I set off for the Trafalgar Studios where Lenny Henry is appearing in Othello

Being a tad peckish, having only eaten a little of my salad, I bought myself a scrumptious coffee and a bag of cheese and onion crisps ( what every good Shakespeare fan should have with them at a performance ) I sat reading my programme and then the play began. It was 3 hours of absolute joy.Well, when I say joy I don't mean that the play was joyful... it is definitely a tragedy.... but I enjoyed it soooooo much. By the end my cleavage was swimming with tears and any mascara was long gone.

I was surprised by Lenny Henry - pretty good for a first attempt at Shakespeare and rather brave to try such a major role.But he had a towering stage presence and I believed every moment of his grief.I would highly recommend it. The theatre is cosy and intimate and the production excellent.

I made my way home on the packed train with a smug grin on my face.How fortunate am I to be able to spend such a blissful Saturday?? At home my lovely husband had cooked chicken curry and all was well.Life is good!!


Kate said...

I've just found your blog and I like it Think I'll follow you for a while... I've recently started blogging - I love it. Stop by my blog if you have a moment.

Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day! Too bad about the lunch :O(

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Wow- that sounds like an incredible day off! I've had similar ones recently- (art gallery by myself and LOTS of theatre ;)

May you have many more such luxurious days ahead ... xo

Gail said...

You had a day from my dreams!

Kork said...

Wow...what a great day that sounds like! For so many reasons...alone, doing something you love and enjoy...sigh...

Someday I'll get to do that again, but not for awhile. In the meantime, I shall live vicariously through you - for your schooling, and your adventures in culture.

I would SO love to see a live production of ANYTHING Shakespeare...

Hope your week is shaping up nicely.

I'm enjoying being stuck inside with the snow outside, all white and sparkly, and sending the kids to play in the playroom, giving me a rare moment to enjoy some tea.

Arlene said...

Found your blog through the ballet blogs and enjoy it very much. Completely empathize with you regarding your son's plight at school. I have a son (only in first grade) and I worry for his safety in this day and age.

I really love connecting to bloggers who live outside of the U.S. So fascinating to see your world. How wonderful that you can take the train into London! I've never been but wish to go one day.

Thanks for sharing.

Urban Cynic said...

What a lovely day; London is only 45mins from here on the train yet I hardly ever go up. I love the galleries up there & keep meaning to go to the Tower of London!

Othello is an amazing play (that iago is a cad!) I'd never have thought Lenny Henry would suit the role but it's great when people get a chance to break out of their regular roles & try something new.

The first time I saw it at school, Lawrence Olivier was blacked up (in fact he was green!) which distracted from the story somewhat; the second time I saw it was a BBC2 South African production & I was blown away.

How's your exercise regime going? I need some inspiration. Plus we both seemed to have slacked off on the Skywatch somewhat! I was depressed then kept forgetting personally! x

kanishk said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day!

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