Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fathers and Sons and the lovely Edward.... I may become a vampire.

Well, here I am again. My apologies.... it has been quite a while... I'm afraid my life is just so full right now. Well, I'm not afraid... I am very lucky and happy.I am working hard on my Open University course and any spare time I have I try to study.I am so weak that I know that if I sit down to write my blog I will find myself lost for at least an hour, searching through your blogs...So I have been strong and have not ventured near here in the hope that my second essay will get written!

I am writing it on Fathers and Sons - a book that I had not read before. I absolutely love it!! I am rereading it and trawling through for quotes and generally looking deeper into it.I am just in love with my course!! Why did I not study literature 20 years ago??My first essay went well and my tutor gave me some very positive feedback, so I was chuffed.

Tonight I am sitting here, before I go to bed, wondering whether to moan about my rubbish football tonight...or whether to tell you of my new discovery...I know that many of you will have already revelled in the delights of...Edward. I know that Farmwife has.I had heard of the set of books - Twilight - but had not read them. Last night the film was on Sky and I thought I would settle down with a glass of wine and see if it was suitable for the boys to watch ( it is a 12 certificate). Well.... ladies..... swoon.....


I am currently pondering on the pros and cons of becoming a vampire.Of course, there is no point at all unless I find a veggie vampire like Edward to love me forever... but the thought has some strange appeal.I would appear to have a crush on a 17 year make believe vampire.At this point I should make clear to my husband, if he is reading this, that you are still my one and only, but golly gosh... when faced by 2 hours of a young, tortured, impossibly handsome vampire who would protect you forever, love you forever and is addicted to you like some sort of opium fiend... well, its a hard one to walk away from.

I was fully aware that I was falling for a formulaic, teen flick hero, and that if I fell for a 17 year old in real life the authorities would drag me away in a straight jacket. I was aware that in real life the actor is nothing like old Ed ( as I like to call him), but 2 glasses of Merlot in and I was his!! I would imagine that faced with a 45 year housewife the poor boy would run screaming, but one can day dream!!

Another thing to tell you is that I have had all my hair cut off.Well... not all, but it is very short.I went to the hairdressers and it just sort of happened. Its Long and floppy ish on top and short round the back and sides.Everybody has been awfully nice about it. People I don't even know have come up to me and told me that they love my hair!!

I wonder if Edward likes short hair...


Suburban Princess said...

Good luck with your essay! Good for you for tackling uni!

Gail said...

Good to hear you are still excited about school and life in general. That is good.

I would love to see your new hair cut.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Ahh but it's not so bad- Edward is not really a 17 year old- he has the maturity of over 100 years.

Florrie x

FarmWife said...

I fear your comment box hates me. I have a terrible time leaving you comments....Sigh.

That being said, I want to see pics of your new hair cut! It sounds adorable.

Good luck with your classes. I think it's wonderful that you're back at University!

And ahhhhh, the lovely Edward. You really should read the books. Edward on the page is even more fabulous than the silver screen version. It's nice to know I'm not the only grown woman with a "thing" for an underage fictional character!

ABellaBlog said...

~I'm in love with Edward.
Last year my 26 yr old daughter & I read all of the books in 5 days before the movie came out. WE WERE OBSESSED! I never thought I would flip out over such books but I did. My husband just shakes his head. What can else can he do?
~Still loving your blog posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Edward is divine.. But after "New Moon" and the way Jacob has buffed up... Holy smokes it's almost a coin toss.. Key word, almost.. Edward still wins hands down..
Good to see you back and good luck with your studies!

kanishk said...

I would love to see your new hair cut.

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Sue said...

You know, I never read these books because my daughter loves them and I just let her have them.