Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dr Moore assignment ..... done. Byron, here I come!!

I am sitting here with flushed face and nervous heart. I have just sent off my essay to be marked.With this course you write your essay and then send it off into the ether using a strange 'electronic' system. You have one chance to get it right and my heart always flutters as my finger hovers over the 'send' key on my computer.

My first assignment  had me panicking like mad as I forgot to put my name on the damn thing ( fool!!). Luckily my tutor was very understanding and it had my electronic fingerprint on it anyway. With the second one I discovered the joys of 'word count' only after I had sent it off and realised that my old fashioned 'counting by hand' was way off! Hopefully it will be third time lucky with this one.I feel more confident about it than I did the last one and so far I have not had to e-mail my tutor in a mad panic as I did for the first two!!

I ended up quite enjoying the poem and found it quite easy to unravel and analyse.Having said that, it probably was very complicated and difficult and it is only my complete ignorance and failure that has given me the illusion of understanding!! Oh blimey!!

It is amazing how many people, obviously on the same course as me came to my blog over the last few days. They must have Googled Helen Maria Williams  and found my little old site at the top of the list. Unfortunately I had no pearls of wisdom to share.If you are one of those people on A210 at the Open University then Good Luck with your essay, whether you have sent it off yet or not!! Do you have the same feeling of dread that I endure as you send it off to your tutor??

So, now onto Women Poets, Byron's Don Juan and the next assignment, due in by the 11th February.Glory be!! If only I hadn't given up booze for this bloody diet!!!


Nyla said...

You're not the only one who's gets panicy everytime you send off an assignment.
I'm glad you've found it easy because I'm finding it so hard. All I've managed to do so far is write notes on the poem and read it a couple of times. That and I've been having troubles with my tutor so I don't know if I should send it off or not because I'm hopefully changing tutors.

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out ok for you, Nyla.Maybe when I said it was easy I should have said 'enjoyable'- which was not how it started out, believe me!!We shall see when I get my results.Good luck with yours. xx
sarah secret housewife

Gail said...

You shall do fine, remember the worry before and you did well in spite of all the worry.

You shall do so again.

There is no wrong or right way to know what an author is saying. The author cannot be asked and we can only guess.

Anonymous said...