Sunday, 10 January 2010

To Dr Moore... Helen Maria Williams' poem is nearly analysed!!

I am really quite pleased with this afternoon's work. I have been sitting here writing my essay on the poem by Helen Maria Williams -' To Dr Moore...'. I was dreading writing this assignment as I am totally uninspired by this Romantic Poetry, but it has gone quite well today. If you have Googled the poem and poet and have found yourself on my blog... well, welcome. I don't think I am going to help you with your essay, but my heart goes out to you in understanding and sympathy!!

I did not, at first, like this poem,but its actually not too bad and having read it a million times I think I understand it.It is just hard to get the words down to 1500. At the moment I am taking a break as tea has to be cooked for the boys, but I still have quite a bit that I want to write and only 500 words left!! Aaaah!! Still, I have tomorrow afternoon in which to finish it and I think it will get done. Its due in on Thursday, but I always like to get assignments sent in at least a couple of days before the deadline.

I keep looking out of the window hoping it will snow again.I don't want to have to go into work tomorrow. Its just a bit boring at the moment. I think that I just would rather not work at all. I would certainly fill my days with all the things I like doing!!

I had my big weigh in this morning and.... I have lost one pound.That's ok.I just have to keep going with this.I am so tempted to cheat sometimes. I love food!!So far I have lost 3 pounds - only 14 to go before I reach my target.Ok... no more diet talk as its boring. I am going to go and cook tea.Oh... I nearly forgot... I am having trouble leaving comments again.I have tried on Gail's,Kork's and Urban Cynic's blogs and I keep failing. I think its my computer that is soooooooooooooo slow and nothing to do with yours, but I am visiting and I am reading. I will keep trying to leave comments too.

shortbread....I sooo want to eat this....groan....
Take care everybody!! xx


Gail said...

Maybe because I was working on mine.

Good for you, I am glad you are almost finished and it is all falling into place.

I lost five pounds...took my boots off.

Sophia said...

Glad to hear that your essay is coming along well. Woot! :) And shortbread?! Need a fine cup of black tea with that. :D

Anonymous said...

Fond your blog due to the fact that I'm working on the same assignment as you! I currently have 0 words written down and absolutely hate the poem! Hope you do well!

James :-)

Urban Cynic said...

Nice to hear you're trying to leave comments anyway! Someone left one today so I don't think it's me, my landlady wanted to have her say about the shopping but couldn't post hers... haha!

Kork said...

I'm so proud of you for muddling through that poem...I absolutely hated Romantic Poetry...shhhh...don't tell!
I'm proud of you for sticking to your plan for weight loss and lifestyle change! GO YOU!

That being said...we saw the most amazing photo in our paper yesterday morning, taken from a satellite of your fair isle all covered from top to bottom in snow...with the clouds swirling around, and the blue blue was quite gorgeous from that distance.

Here, we're supposed to see almost 50F today, which means that we'll have a sloppy, sloggy, slushy mess that will then turn into bumpy, chunky ice overnight. Oh well...we need the moisture, so I shan't complain!

Hoping that your essay writing will be easy for the rest of the term, and that your next 14 pounds will melt off easily!

Nyla said...

I think you're doing the same course as me. I hope you're having better luck than me as I haven't even started mine yet and don't know where to begin.

Best of luck and if you have any pointers I'd love to hear them x

Anonymous said...

Found you as, as you said, I googled the poem and found you, number 1 listing! Unfortunately, unlike you, I don't have any words written, ideas buzzing in my head but can't seem to put them into any logical essay form and when I do I know I'll be nowhere near the 1500 limit.

Am looking forward to the Don Juan essay as that's given me a giggle or two on reading bits of it.

Good luck with yours and the rest of the course.