Saturday, 9 January 2010

More snow and life in general...

I am happy to say that the snow has continued to fall and to stick where I live! I love it!! I could quite happily not go back to work and just live with the snow like this until the Spring comes. I heard a man on the radio the other day who lives up in Braemar in Scotland. He was talking about the cold and snow up there and was just about to go and collect wood for his wood burning stove.He sounded so laid back and content.If I had enough money to live on without working, then that is the type of life that I would like to lead.A nice thick walled cottage, log fires... ho hum!

I would be very happy if we had winters like this and then hot sunny summers. Usually we live in a world of grey drizzle and it is too dull for words. At least with this snow we are having a proper winter.Luckily for me I live only a 5 -10 minute walk to the shops so I can get food and other bits and bobs without using the car. I rather like walking and have decided to do much more of it this year.

I am going to walk to work more and up to the shops more. That way I am helping both the world and my waistline. Talking of which ( my waistline... not the world... ) its my day for weighing myself tomorrow.I wonder if I have lost any weight? I have been very good and have not cheated this week. I haven't even drunk any wine... at all!! I went and tried on a coat in the sales this week and it wouldn't even do up... how depressing!!

Still, I have been watching various tv programmes on obesity and I don't think I have too much to worry about compared to some people.I have realised over the last week how much of my eating is out of habit and sheer boredom.Amazing really.When this snow clears I will start running again and that will help shift some pounds.

Well, that's it for now... Here are some more snow pics for you!!


Elise said...

Beautiful pics Sarah. Happy New Year

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures, I have had all the snow and cold I want. I am ready for spring.

Urban Cynic said...

Your pictures are lovely - where do you live again?

I'm not getting tired of the snow at all, to be honest - I don't even have any kids but I love it! Glad I haven't been stuck in some jam & had to walk 389 miles to get home though! (slight exaggeration but... you know)