Friday, 22 January 2010

A healthy week all round...

I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post! Time flies and all that... Still, it has been a good week. I have walked to work and back ( once only, but hey, once is better than nothing!) and I even went for a run. If I haven't lost weight when I weigh myself this Sunday I will scream!! My appetite seems to be shrinking too. I am actually enjoying what I am eating - lots of fruit and veg. My portions are soooooooo much smaller, but I don't feel hungry. I am trying to eat more slowly, to savour my food rather than gulping it down like a dog!!

It is incredible how I have let myself get into the habit of grazing constantly. I feel much healthier eating the way I have since I started my diet.I think I should just eat like this forever.Really.

I think that so many of us in the Western world have it so easy. We have no idea actually how much food our bodies need to live healthily. We no longer eat to live, we live to eat.The flavour and texture of foods become what we crave, rather than eating to give ourselves energy to live.

My veg box arrived this afternoon and I was excited to open it.It comes from a company in Devon called Riverford. I have had my veg from them for years now, but it still delights me to see how fresh and plump their veg are.If you get a veg you don't know what to do with you can just go to their website and click for a recipe. I recommend that even if you don't get your veg from them! This year, for Christmas, they sent me through a lovely folder to keep my recipes in. They send recipe cards each week. I love their whole ethos about organic and recycling.I now cook things that I never would have gone out to buy by myself - purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot, asparagus, different sorts of cabbages. And I like looking forward to the seasons when certain veg will reappear - wet garlic,hispi cabbage,new potatoes. Yum.

I plan to grow my own potatoes again this year. Last year they were very successful. My garden is only tiny so I grew some in containers on my patio and they were delicious - easy to grow too.There really is nothing quite like digging up some spuds just before you cook them.Ho hum... I am turning into quite the hippie!!


Urban Cynic said...

Good for you; it's nice when you start to notice a change - I'm not a huge fan of veg to be honest; they don'texcite me in any way. I do love fruit though.

Keep it up Sarah! x

Kork said...

Oh that makes me yearn for a co-op farm in our area...but alas, I must rely on our Farmers' Market that only runs through the fall, and what we can grow in our own yard.

I am proud of you for sticking to it with the whole lifestyle change of food and activity.

Rest assured, that it WILL get better...even if you hit a bit of a plateau, you will get past it, and the weight will start to come off again.

Best of luck, and lots of prayers for a wonderful end to winter and beginning of spring to allow for lots of walking and exercise.