Sunday, 3 January 2010

In 17 weeks I shall be a snap dolly!!!

Yes... I know this is a cliche, but as it is a new year I feel the time has come to.... lose weight.I wish when I was 22 somebody had told me that being 8 stone 7 was pretty good and healthy ( that's 119 pounds I think ). I have always thought of myself as overweight, although I know that I am not huge.I have always worried about my weight and over the years have varied from 8stone 7... up to 8.12.... then 9.7 and so on.

I got to a stage where I was always on a diet and that, as we all know, is not healthy.After 2 children I was up to 11 and a half stone ( 154 pounds ) and it was time to do something. I joined a class and over the next 9 months I lost 35 pounds and gained in confidence and happiness.I managed to keep it off for a long time and have led a health, sporty life... running, walking, swimming.

But.... I am now back up to 10 stone 10 and that is NO GOOD!!!! So.... it is time to act.I have set myself a goal.... 1 pound a week loss for 17 weeks. My aim is to be 9 stone 7 or 133 pounds.That will be fine. At that weight I will be a size 10 ( UK ) and I will be much healthier.

So far ( yes, I have already started!) I have lost 2 pounds in this, my first week... so all is good. I just have to keep going and keep healthy. I aim to start running/ walking again this week if I can fit it in with the aim of running a 10k in September with my sister-in-law. If I can do it I will run other races as well, but my main aim is to be fit, slim and happy.I am sick of seeing myself ballooning and at the age of 45 I need to think more healthily.

me... a little too bulgy, but trying to be fit.
So... wish me luck!! I will mention it occasionally on here, but not manically!! The last thing you need is a run down on everything I consume each day!! If you have started a diet for the new year let me know how you are getting along.... maybe we can help each other!!


Gail said...

Well congratulations on your fine start! The only way I have lost that much this year is take off my clothes.

I love the new picture of you. I have never seen an overweight woman but a beautiful woman of many talents and maybe, just maybe, a little lack of confidence.

Luck in your success and maybe you will inspire me...I would kill to weigh as much as you!

Suburban Princess said...

I have 20lbs to lose plus the 5 I gained at xmas. Gook luck with yout weight loss!

Kork said...

I'm so very proud of you and your desire to make changes! You're off to a fabulous start, and I can't wait to see your progress through the next 4 months.

I'll be thinking of you as I'm sitting around growing rounder with every second that passes, waiting for this baby to be born, and longing for a sign-off from the doctor to get back to "normal" life and working out!