Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year from Secret Housewife.

It is early on New Year's Eve and I am alone upstairs while the children play with the girls next door on the Wii. My eldest has just been showing them the bridge he built with his wooden train set - a proud 12 year old, bless him!!

I have been cleaning the house like mad and preparing food for tonight.We are having lamb shanks wrapped in foil and stuffed with a rosemary, sage and thyme butter,sitting on a bed of garlic, carrots and onion, with white wine poured into to the foil parcels.They cook until the meat just falls off the bone and I will serve them with creamy mash and probably cabbage.Tonight is the first New Year's Eve in ages that my man has been home. He is working until early evening, but will get home in time for dinner and the celebrations.Lovely.

I have been writing this blog now for three years. My first post was written on New Year's Eve 2006.It seems like longer ago for some reason. That night I was alone and miserable. Tonight I am a calmer woman.I will have my husband with me, and my two boys.Since that night I have done a lot with my life - run a marathon, re-started my Degree, run a household, and generally coped with life.I am pretty happy at the moment. I know that I come on here and moan... and thank you for putting up with all my moaning!! But this blog is a life saver - without it I wouldn't have a place to vent my steam sometimes!!

I hope, wherever you are, that you have a good New Year. Thank you for reading my blog and I wish you health, happiness and fulfilment in 2010.

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Mr London Street said...

Happy New Year - good to have you and your blog back.