Saturday, 30 January 2010

Obergurgl here we come!!

I am sooooooooooooooo excited!! I may well burst before I get to it...... but we booked a ski holiday yesterday!! Not for this year... for this year its too late, what with the children and all that palaver. We were looking online for short breaks this coming half term and our computer magically found its way to a ski website. We have been considering it for some time now, but had been put off by the cost ( we are naturally cautious chaps!)

Last night though we had a rush of blood to the head and decided that you only live once. We looked each other in the eyes as my Man's finger hovered over the "send" button. "Do it!" I said.... and he did.So, in a year's time...well, more than a year actually... we will be in Obergurgl.Yeeehaaaaaa!!!!!


Before we had the boys my Man and I used to ski as often as we could... probably twice a year for ten years. Those were the days when we were young, free and had plenty of money floating about... the days before mortgages, children and the days when we both had well paying jobs.In fact the last ski trip we had before the Boys were born was to Obergurgl in Austria.I love it there!! The whole atmosphere is as you would expect of an Alpine skii village... relaxed, friendly, beautiful.


My favourite, well, one of my favourite bits, was at the end of the day when we had just about finished skiing, we would ski to the Nederhutte, a bar/restaurant half way down the mountain.There would be a live oompahpah band playing and everyone would sit at long trestle tables - all snuggled together, drinking steins of beer and singing along to the band. People would dance on the tables, laugh and generally make merry. After a while we would ski the rest of the way down to the village down a gentle Green run that was floodlit.

                                                                                  the Nederhutte
The thought of taking my boys and spending a week together, the four of us, skiing, stopping for hot chocolate, having lunch in mountain restaurants, skiing some more, collapsing into cosy duvets at the end of the day with muscles aching and cheeks rosy from a day outside... I cannot wait!!! I feel so fortunate to be able to do this again after so long.

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