Friday, 26 February 2010

10 things that make me happy ...... now what makes you feel all warm?

I have been tagged by the lovely Rowan over at Thoughts caught on a web ( isn't that a wonderful blog title??!). I have to write down a list of 10 things that make me happy and then tag 10 bloggers who make me happy too. Well, I thought that I would strike whilst the iron was hot, so to speak, as I don't want my list to become weighed down with misery if the dreaded hormones strike - you know they can at any moment. So..... here are 10 things that make me feel happy....

1. My Man
2. Snuggling with my boys.
3. Helping someone feel good about themselves at my workplace.
4. Having a really good, exhausting game of football.
5. Sunshine on snow, under a piercing blue sky.
6. Finishing the London Marathon, running down the Mall laughing with my arms in the air.
7. Blogging and getting supportive comments from my blog friends.
8. Diving into a blue blue pool and swimming underwater for as far as I can.
9. Watching my boys play sport - especially if they actually win...
10. Singing Karaoke with my friend C.

There. That's what makes me feel happy.

So.... now I should tag people, but I am having difficulties leaving comments on people's blogs so I can't guarantee that I can let you know you have been tagged. So.... can I ask you, if you fancy writing your own list, to let me know so I can come over and read?? This may sound like a cop out, but its not. Evil blogger is sometimes cruel and stops me from contacting people.

Do write the things that make you happy.... its a nice warm thing to do!


Gail said...

Your list is wonderful!

AS you know, lately I have been having trouble with happy. Today I found it.

Junk shopping with sister and nephew.

Finding a blanket in my favorite color for almost nothing. Finding books and horse bridles for a steal.

A day off from work

Dr Pepper

Ah, right I guess I have to list my hubby since he has endured me for thirty-seven years.

Working outside in the SUNSHINE.

Brushing my horses and just being with them.

Walking with the dogs.

Hugging my grandsons...and being hugged back.

And number ten is SUNSHINE.

Kork said...

What a wonderful plan! I think it's great and will pop on over and leave my own list!

Sophia said...

I love your little list. Especially 7 and 10. I love karaoke, too, although I do not do it as often as I used to! :) Hee