Sunday, 28 February 2010

Women's football - a genius thing that makes me happy!!!

I am sitting at my computer with wet hair, aching muscles and a song in my heart.I have just come back from an hour and a bit of football with my friends and I am on a high that only physical exertion can give you! Those of you who read me regularly will know that I have had ups and downs with my whole football thing. I started playing last April with a group of women, some of whom I knew and worked with, others whom I did not know.

Our coach is one of the girls' boyfriends and the aim is to have fun. We get together for an hour each week and every now and then we challenge our partners to a game or 5 a side tournament.Before Christmas I was struggling with my achilles injury and was very down on myself because I felt I just wasn't good enough.I took a few weeks out and vowed to start afresh after Christmas.

I am glad to report that since Christmas I have loved every match.I have found the sweet spot on my foot/feet and can pass the ball. I suddenly have time to stop, look up and think about either passing or dribbling. All in all I am one happy footballer!!

In my list of 10 things that make me happy ( see below ) I put down that an hour of exhausting football was one of the things that 'did it for me'.I am pleased to say that tonight I am HAPPY!!

Now... if this makes you feel like playing football.... I definitely recommend it. Its fun, it wears you out, you use all your muscles and it just..... is brilliant. Let me know if you play??

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Gail said...

Our football is shaped funny. I have never had the opportunity to play soccer either.

I am glad you had a happy day. Wish I could find my sweet spot and my smile maker.

Way to go!