Friday, 19 February 2010

Secret housewife discovers cure for general grumpiness...

It would appear that the cure for unsettledness and general grumpy mum-ness is an hour and a half of football in the rain with your husband and boys and a new pair of black leather boots. The combination of both retail therapy and a good helping of mud, rain and running about has worked wonders.I also have to mention that yet again the wonderful Gail and Urban Cynic have lifted my spirits too.

Although I resisted the idea of going up to the field to play footie ( with all my strength) I did eventually succumb. I borrowed a pair of my son's studs ( football boots with knobbly bits on the bottom ) and headed off with them - prepared for dirt, bruises and wetness.I have discovered that I love playing in studs!! Good grief!! The grip they give you!! And it wasn't scary at all.I even did a header. Well, when I say I did a header, I mean that my Man kicked the ball about 75 feet up in the air and I attempted a header.I am told that one should head the ball on one's forehead, not, as I did, on the top of the head. This 'top of the head' heading induces what can only be described as concussion.

The black boots I mentioned are on my stubby little legs even as I type. I have had my eye on them for a while - soft black, knee length, buckles at ankle and calf top, flat heeled.... Before now I couldn't do the zips up over my well muscled calves, but yesterday... I did. They are not only a comfortable fit, but they had been reduced by £20 !!! Yippeee!!!

So... life is rosier. All I need now is to be  9 stone something instead of 10 stone on Sunday ( that's less than 140 pounds ) when I weigh myself. Oooops.... I hear you sigh... there's always something with this woman...

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Gail said...

When I said, scream, sweat and get muddy, I did not mean literally. But it worked, wonderful.

Glad you are feeling better and wearing new boots, I can't think of a finer thing to have.