Thursday, 18 February 2010

Unsettled and Avatar in 3D equals English melt down...

I am unsettled.I don't really know why, but I am unsettled to the core.There is just a grumpiness about me that is fuelled, perhaps by excess of hormones, perhaps by boredom, perhaps by the fact that my son will not practise for his upcoming trumpet exam ... It was only a short time ago that I smugly wrote that life was good and that I had no worries. Well, typically, having put smug pen to paper ( can pens be smug? well, mine is) the world has gone pear shaped.

As previously noted my OU course is proving difficult and I feel stupid and useless. Thank you to those of you ( Gail and Urban Cynic ) who have so kindly supported me on this.My exercise routine has gone out of the window ( other than an hour of footie each week) and I just feel generally as if a dark cloud is hanging over me.

I had a complete melt down at the cinema last night... well, when I say complete melt down I mean a very English composed but inwardly raging melt down.Having paid a bloody fortune for tickets to see Avatar in 3D we arrived late ( don't even ask me to explain why... ) and were told that we could pick up our 3D glasses from any till. It turns out that we could pick them up from any till only after we had paid another £3.20 .Unbelievable.Apparently we have to pay to cover the technology used in the making of 3D films.

Well that's a complete load of bollocks isn't it?? We were paying because we had no choice. In other words they had us over the proverbial barrel, by the short and curlies and did they have any sympathy for our plight?Well what do you think?? And do you know what the most galling thing was when I spoke to the duty manager? Yes, I know its embarrassing... I actually went to a manager about it... She pointed out that it was written on my confirmation e-mail in red letters.

We now possess 4 pairs of 3D specs. The awful thing about 3D is that it is utterly unnecessary.What makes a great film is a great plot, great acting - not that you occasionally think bits of grit are flying out of the screen towards you.

I think that I need to go somewhere, do something... possibly take a long stick and beat a cushion to death. Maybe this is the perfect time to go for a run through the woods? I could get muddy and worn out and scream quite a lot.... For now I am going to have a cup of tea. ug...


Gail said...

What is the worse thing that will happen if the chld does not prepare? He will learn a life lesson, preparation produces better results.

Make three dimensional art of the glasses and tickets and other things and hang it for the memories.

Run, run, scream, sweat, get muddy, scream and you will realize that most of this turmoil is your own fears...of not meeting your high expectations.

Don't think, just be, your family is not perfect nor are you, in fact, no one's is. The down side makes the up side so much more fun.

The course is close to it's finish and you have done well, maybe not to your standards, but well, nonetheless. If nothing else, you have learned this is not your favorite line of study. You have learned much more than you realize and that is what classes are about, not the grade, the learning.

Breathe deep, don't count what you consider failures, count the successess.

You can do this!!!!

Urban Cynic said...

As per the above really:

* If your son fails then that's his business rather than yours.

* you can get back on your exercise regime any time you like & you'll still be fabulous.

* You're trying your best with your course, sometimes things don't work so you have to try another approach or look at it differently - sometimes it still won't make any sense!

* The cinema thing is just how things are - it's a bit of a bitch but hopefully once you've bought the glasses once you won't have to pay again. I pay £13 a month at Cineworld & I see as many films as I like. I still have to pay £1.30 for 3D (although they usually forget)& I have to buy the glasses. The true crime here, is that Avatar relies on the visual effects as the storyline is so poor!

Sometimes we're just a bit grumpy & that's fine, the great thing is that you can have a good old moan on here & nobody will judge you (cos we all love a bit of a rant ourselves!)You only get annoyed about these things because you care. Plus we all love you whatever mood you're in...x