Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour ... shall we do it again...??

We have just taken part in Earth Hour. At 8.30 pm tonight, all over the world people were asked to turn off their lights.My husband was at work so the boys and I turned off our lights together and lit our candles. We had planned to play Cluedo and that was what we did. I have to say that I did struggle rather as the darkness made it a tad difficult to read the clue cards!! Well... for my old eyes anyway!

What was lovely though was the cosy nature of our evening. Instead of being ensconced infront of the telly we sat together and talked, laughed, played.When we had finished our game I read to them from The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe.Somehow we were closer, more intense and intimate because of the glow from the candles.My youngest son snuggled close to me as I read.

And now they are tucked up in bed, but I would like to do this again.We spend so much of our time surrounded and bomabarded with electricity, noise, technology. It is lovely to spend an evening actually talking, playing, reading.Not only have we done something for the earth tonight by saving a symbolic hour's worth of energy, but we have put some energy into ourselves.

When it snowed earlier in the year we walked everywhere and tonight we occupied ourselves in a far more enjoyable and profitable way than staring at the tv. Maybe we should all do this more often.Maybe this is the way forward. If millions of people turned off their energy, their lights for a few nights a week and spent their time talking or reading or maybe just sleeping... what a difference we could make in so many ways...

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Gail said...

Sarah, you always make a difference. Good thought and action.

I do believe our nations would be healthier if we had family nights more often.