Monday, 22 March 2010

Running in the sunshine...

I went for a run today.Yes, you can believe what you are reading... it was such a beautiful day that I rushed home from work, put on my running gear and off I went! I didn't go that far and I didn't run all the way, but I did run for the majority of it. It always amazes me how once you have been a 'runner' your body remembers how to do it - all the breathing and pacing and all that kind of thing.

After my week off the old diet last week I amazingly lost a pound so I am now back on the diet with more exercise thrown in.I just want to get back to my old figure and feel slim and healthy.I made a deal with my sister-in-law to run a 10k race in September, but really all I want to do is feel fit and enjoy my running.Now I have to be consistent. There is no use at all in going for one run every 2 months!!

I hear lots of women say that they could never run or that they find running boring. Well, its a state of mind and I have found over the years that running , once you get out there, is more about your strength of mind than anything else.You might not be able to run very far to begin with, but you just need to keep on plodding.Run a little further each time you go out, or a little faster. Set yourself goals - even if today's goal is just to get out and follow your nose, just to enjoy the scenery and rejoice in the fact that you can get out there at all.

I once received a comment from a man when I was training for the London Marathon. I had been moaning about this that and the other and his advice to me was simply to enjoy. He had suffered a serious knee injury and just wished he could run at all.I shall never forget that comment and it taught me a lot. Over the years as I have had this injury and that - never, thank goodness, too bad, but when I have not been able to run I have missed it and have understood how lucky most of us are to be able to get out there.

So, today was a glorious day and I got out there to run in the sunshine.How lucky am I ?


Urban Cynic said...

Your timing is perfect - I have been giving myself a bit of a talking to today as I have this Race For Life in July & I've done NOTHING to prepare for it.

I'm also podgy & unfit (sod being healthy, I just want to be thinner if I'm honest... vain you see)

So your advice will be heeded & I'll try to get my arse in gear this week. It's a sod I run my own business sometimes as my work is never done! or the blogging.

Juli Ryan said...

Yes, I discovered running just six or eight months ago. I didn't like it when I was younger (something about too much sweat). Now, I love it. It *is* a state of mind, and one of my pleasures. xo's