Monday, 31 May 2010

Should Secret Housewife not be quite as secret?

I am in a quandary... if that's how you spell it... I am on the cusp of making my blog more visible. Up to now it has been a personal, private, shall we say secret thing for my own enjoyment. My friends and family, on the whole know nothing about it. Of course I don't write anything that they wouldn't be welcome to read. Although it is about my 'secret life', my life isn't secret in a bad way! There are no strange skeletons lurking in my cupboards.

But, for some reason, I am wondering 'why?' There is no reason why my friends and family shouldn't see my blog. I know that a couple, literally a couple, of people I know read it... so why not more? It would be rather nice to have people I know coming to visit and maybe they would be inspired to write blogs too? Well, when I say inspired it sounds a tad grand - I am hardly Chekhov.But you never know...

So... it may happen. I may drop my url onto my Facebook page or onto the bottom of an e-mail...Am I being arrogant in thinking that anyone would even be interested in what I write? Probably. But when it comes down to it... at the end of the day ( as my sons' football coach says... ) I would still be writing for me, for my own pleasure...

We'll see.... Let me know what you think... it will help!


Urban Cynic said...

I let a few people know I was writing my blog & now I wish I hadn't personally. It has now led to me writing another small personal blog (no pictures, literally just a few lines of dear diary) that isn't trackable because sometimes you just want to let off some steam or have a really low moment without being judged or have people worrying about you or thinking you're writing about them.

If it's anonymous then at least you have the option to have a good bitch if you want to. You've mentioned your frustrations with motherhood on occasion plus you've had a few rants & down moments. You're fine overall but you just wanted an outlet on that day. If people know you write the blog then you will always be editing it so you come across well & aren't inadvertently offending anyone.

Think carefully. I wish I hadn't let anyone know...

Gail said...

Family is different than strangers. My children read my blog but never comment, I think they are seeing if I say anything bad about them.

This would be entirely up to you. Maybe these written thoughts would help in understanding you better. Sometimes my family is surprised at the way I think or the things I do.

If you want, go for it!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you Urban Cynic and Gail. I do tend to think the same as you Urban Cynic - that's why I am hesitating. I have always thought that any hesitation over a matter should mean you just don't do it.I am going to think this over.
Why do I need anyone else when I've got you??

Kelly Hudgins said...

There are pros and cons. I do feel more constrained now that I'm out in the open.

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Hi there, Nice to meet you! I am over here from the BMB.
It took me ages before feeling comfortable with the idea of talking about my blog to the people who knew me in "real" life and now I am so used to it that I mention it very casually most of the time (when it is suitable of course :))
I don't think you are being arrogant wanting to share it. Not at all actually. I think all of us who write about our personal experiences we feel really exposed when we know people read it. I found it easier to share with strangers first and then later on when I received positive feedback and felt a bit more confident I started publishing it in my facebook feeds. Only do what you feel is good for you and you will see that it will all come naturally when you are ready.

P :) x

PS not sure I am making lots of sense, had an early morning which doesn't help :)