Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A secret housewife who can't sleep... equals another post.

Its not often that I post twice in one day, but today is one of those days.It is late and I can't sleep... my mind is full of thoughts and worries... good and bad.My son #1 went off to PGL today. For those of you who have never heard of this PGL stands for ( according to the kids ) Parents Get Lost!!

The real meaning is something dull... the reality is that my boy is away from home for 5 days... kayaking, climbing,swimming... you name it and he will be doing it.He went away happily, confidently and by that I am thrilled... but I miss him.I miss his mess, his lying about on the sofa,his cuddles.

I know that he will have an amazing week and I would not wish him to have not gone ( is that correct grammar??) but some little corner of my heart is melancholy without him. I went into his room tonight to close the curtains... why did I do that?... and I didn't like the way it was empty.

See... you can tell its late can't you?? I am turning into a maudlin old biddy! Enough already!! Onto more pleasant thoughts... poetry.

I have been revising my poetry for my exam in just under 3 weeks. I thought I would start with poetry because I hate it. And do you know what? I love it! I have chosen 11 poems to learn. When I say learn I don't mean 'learn off by heart', but I am lucky in that I can picture them on the page and see the words before me, especially key phrases.There are some really gorgeous poems and the more I read them the more I enjoy them. Some of my favourites are:

Ain't I a Woman by Erlene Stetson from a speech by Sojourner Truth
Any Woman by Katharine Tynan
A Suttee by Laetitia Elizabeth Landon
Wherever I hang by Grace Nichols
The Telling Part by Jackie Kay
The Bridge Poem by Kate Rushin

I hope you like them as much as I do!So... I suppose that's it. I should go and have a bath and go to bed.To all of you out there studying for exams... Good Luck!


Gail said...

Ain't I A Woman is beautiful. I had forgotten, thanks for helping me remember.

Kelly Hudgins said...

THanks for introducing me to these poems!